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Everybody lives in various spaces every day. And each day, we are adapting to the environment, we have. Habuild believes in creating a habitat that is suitable for daily lives and daily needs, rather than just pillars and walls. We build homes that reflect the heart of our personality. Habuild creates an essential habitat for an ideal living, and let you Cherish memories that will last a lifetime.

Habuild aims to be an integral part of the property development landscape in Kerala by rendering excellent quality of habitats to our valued clients using technology, expertise, and passion.  Our core proposition to our prospective clients is our unparalleled dedication and commitment to creating living spaces that will continue to delight you and your loved ones.

Four Pillars of Habuild Developers

  • Expertise

    Habuild is a refreshingly innovative developer, and the team that transforms our work into a piece of art, is hand-picked. They have immense experience in designing and constructing houses, residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore, our history with development can be dated back from 1998 when we created our first commercial building.

  • Passion

    Our philosophy is to excel in what we do, and we always had that passion to outperform the current market offerings. This drives us to spend hours on designing your home so that you don’t have to pay for a single second thought.

  • Transparency

    Habuild is transparent across multiple stages of construction. We share updates on the progress with our clients at every stage maintaining openness with our clients. Every step of development is video graphed and documented to ensure our customers that they are gaining a quality home. 

  • Technology

    Habuild is proud to be one of the first developers in India to accommodate electrical infrastructure to its clients if they choose to go for the Solar powered house. Even better, Habuild is well equipped to install and maintain electrical ecosystem which could run by Solar power 24/7.  

Our Values


We deliver the best quality products, by building trust in our customer partners and by providing the highest value for money ensuring Customer satisfaction.


We ensure that our projects are environmentally responsible by bringing ingenuity in the aspects of the green processes and sustainable materials. 


We follow the latest trends and innovations from the industry like technological advancements in building and maintaining homes.