Habuild Developers is an ambitious brand with an aspiration in mind to foster a new, urban lifestyle with premium living spaces. Habuild believes that a property should be able to breed an impeccable balance in crafting a jovial ambiance.

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The latest project by Habuild, named Gopura is based on the monumental temple Guruvayoor, concentrating on the traditional aspects, to aid our clients in living with enlightenment. The name itself recites to spaces where we can endure devotion and divinity at once. The ample space is located at the heart of Thrissur, localized to the great Guruvayoor temple. The principal aim of this project is to bring people closer to the essence of divinity.


Becoming the most reliable property partner of choice, where people find better health, independence, stability, and security while creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


We work on some of the country’s most prominent constructions, infrastructure and development projects. Our medley of ventures defines us as the best in town for creating lifestyles than that of buildings.

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